5 Ways To See Ireland Now: Travel

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Should Ireland say Yes to gay marriage?

1993 – Homosexuality decriminalised. Ireland's anti-gay laws are repealed following pressure by the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform. 2006 – Colley Report published. Report calls on the Irish government to allow civil partnerships for same sex

Ireland prepares to vote on gay marriage

Ireland is to hold a referendum in the spring to allow gay marriage, in the most significant move in 20 years to change the law to reflect a changing social environment. Voters will be asked in May to approve an amendment to the constitution that reads

Timeline: A history of gay rights in Ireland

Timeline: A history of gay rights in Ireland. Leo Varadkar becoming Ireland's first openly gay minister comes 22 years after the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Ireland. 7 hours ago 7,608 Views 80 Comments · Share19 Tweet22 Email9. YESTERDAY …