Snellville couple at center of suit challenging Georgia’s gay marriage ban

SNELLVILLE — Nine-year-old Jonathan Inniss sits on the couch and thinks hard about the words he’s about to use, the thought he wants to convey. He’s wearing jeans and a Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt striped with orange, blue and white. Close on either side are his dads — yes, plural.

#After several seconds of silence, Jonathan speaks.

#“I think that my dads should be able to get married because they’re basically not different from anybody else,” the third-grader says. “They can do the same things, and they are able to have the

Lawsuit challenges Georgia's same-sex marriage ban

Last June's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that married same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits has eased the path for proponents of gay marriage. Justice Antonin Scalia predicted as much in his dissent, saying the court's majority “arms