Sri Lanka: Hope for change with new Govt

There's hope Sri Lanka's new reformist government could make a repeal of the nation's repressive anti-gay laws possible. Asia Pacific rights group Kaleidoscope Australia says the new Government under President Maithripala Sirisena brings an expectation …

Pop culture helps change minds on gay rights

Popular culture is a key to the broad and rapid shift in the nation's politics as the country has turned rapidly from long opposition to gay rights toward support for gays, including same-sex marriage, acceptance of a gay child and willingness to vote

Immigration, gay marriage and a nation's change

Isabel Rodriguez (left) hands coffee to his husband, Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, at the Davie, Fla., home of Felipe's sister. The two are longtime immigrant and LGBTQ activists who walked from Miami to Washington in 2010 to call attention to the struggles