Bizarre acts by Justin Bieber spark Fox’s Jon Scott to say ‘he needs a daddy’!/AndrewKirell/status/316932346194571265

Oh my! The political correctness police must be in a tizzy. What sparked that remark from the Fox News anchor?

“Bieber needs a daddy.”– Fox News anchor Jon Scott after a report that Justin Bieber recently drove crazy around his own neighborhood.

— Eddie Scarry (@eScarry) March 27, 2013

Justin Bieber has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior of late.

Justin Bieber’s reckless driving, loud parties have neighbors angry, report says | Fox News…

— Patrick J. Runcie (@macandlinuxuser) March 27, 2013

Bieber’s bizarre behavior continues as he strips topless at airport……


Neighbor Claims Bieber Attacked, Threatened Him…


Whoa. The singer needs something: Some agree with Scott’s advice.

“Bieber needs a daddy” thank you @foxnews

— Morgan Mahoney (@mahoneygofrogs) March 27, 2013

@jonscottfnc John you are sooooo right. Beiber needs a dad. When you ran the news on the Ferrari incident I’m thinking is where is his dad?

— Graham Thomson (@GrahamThomson4) March 27, 2013

Of course, some don’t like anything that isn’t tied up with a politically correct bow.

@foxnews Justin Bieber needs a daddy? You need to learn when to stop. #jerk

— Kaylee Kesterson (@KayleeKesterson) March 27, 2013

They news guy said,”Bieber needs a daddy.” SHUT UP!

— LovetheBiebs (@Beliebergirl763) March 27, 2013


Do we smell a hashtag in the making?

@happeningnow My guy Jon Scott just said “Bieber needs a daddy!” I’m a cat but that’s hilarious.#Bieberneedsadaddy I need a snack.

— Ichi the Cat (@IchiFatKat) March 27, 2013

Stay tuned!

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Piers Morgan under fire for Oscar Pistorius tweet!/piersmorgan/status/305865943513432064

Many of Morgan’s fans agreed the tweet was in poor taste:

@piersmorgan Tasteless as always you British ass!!

— Mike Commisso (@merlinthetwit) February 25, 2013

@piersmorgan why in heavens name would you wonder that

— Linda Gadoury (@lgadoury) February 25, 2013

@piersmorgan Did you actually spend time to tweet that?

— Will (@willwkirtley) February 25, 2013

@piersmorgan Really?!!

— Christina Reeves (@Chrissie_Reeves) February 25, 2013

“@piersmorgan: Wonder if Oscar Pistorius is watching the Oscars?” In Bad Taste!!!!

— Bishop Greg M. Davis (@Bishopgregdavis) February 25, 2013

.@piersmorganfuck off you shit, unfunny, smug, tasteless shit for brains prick

— Deadmaufive (@Boothy380) February 25, 2013

Morgan later stated that the tweet wasn’t intended to be funny.

Wasn’t supposed to be > RT @wellacimanagoth Not even slightly funny: “@piersmorgan: Wonder if Oscar Pistorius is watching the Oscars?”

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 25, 2013

For once, we agree with him: It wasn’t funny.

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Author Judy Blume tweets about break-in, gives police an A+!/judyblume/status/311607468444774400

Author Judy Blume had nothing but praise for the police after an intruder broke into her home Sunday night.

Re break-in. Locked bedroom door. Pressed Panic button. Got 911 on cell.Kept yelling at him to get the F out of my house. Police great!

— Judy Blume (@judyblume) March 12, 2013

To be prepared-a good lock on bedroom door. Something to make loud, scary noise. Phone handy to call 911.They will stay on line with you.

— Judy Blume (@judyblume) March 13, 2013

Hmm… we can think of something that makes a loud, scary noise, but a lot of people don’t want women to have them. But back to the story.

We have alarm. Last night ever I sleep w/out setting it. But I had alarm panic button handy. Today, security and locksmith meetings. Dog?

— Judy Blume (@judyblume) March 13, 2013

Prob shouldn’t say more about case. Just want you all to be safe and prepared. Thanks for your tweets.

— Judy Blume (@judyblume) March 13, 2013

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Incredible video: Elderly tornado survivor finds her dog under rubble!/EamonnHolmes/status/336749448564703232

Barbara Garcia survived the devastating tornado on Monday, but after the storm passed, she couldn’t find her beloved dog in the wreckage of what was once her home. During an emotional interview, Garcia told a CBS reporter about her missing dog. That’s when a member of the crew spotted movement underneath the debris. Watch the incredible reunion:!/DavidNelsonNews/status/336822370499170304

Hope amid chaos.

“I thought God had just answered one prayer to let me be OK, but he answered both of them,” she said. More video at!/michielveenstra/status/336787028060565504

Not a dry eye to be found:!/carasulieman/status/336760908401496064!/ThymeCollier/status/336756041972842496!/charliebevan2/status/336796382184742913

Editor’s note: The video initially included in this post was removed by the person who uploaded it to YouTube. We have replaced it with another version.

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Chilling: IRS reportedly demanded list of students from conservative group!/CuffyMeh/status/334634931638644736

Revelations about the political thuggery of the IRS are more chilling every day. The Daily Mail reports that IRS creeps ordered Linchpins of Liberty, a conservative educational group that mentors high school and college students, to hand over a list of “who has received or will receive” training.

REPORT: IRS ordered conservative educational group to turn over list of students it trained…


The founder of the Tennessee group asked The Daily Mail, “Can you imagine my responsibility to parents if I disclosed the names of their children to the IRS?” That’s right: We’re talking about children.

Also noteworthy:

The Inspector General’s report includes a list of ‘the seven questions’ the IRS asked right-wing groups that were later ‘identified as being unnecessary.’

Its request for the list of students trained by Linchpins of Liberty was not among them.

Dystopian RT @rare: IRS ordered conservative group to provide a list students it trained

— Chris Hayes’ Bike (@JimmyPrinceton) May 15, 2013


— Michelle AKA MOM (@michnic70) May 15, 2013

Creepy RT@drudge_report: IRS ordered conservative educational group to turn over list of students it trained… #tcot

— Henry Graebe (@HenryGraebe) May 15, 2013

OMG #ScandalpaloozaRT @rare: IRS ordered conservative group to provide a list students it trained

— RB (@RBPundit) May 15, 2013

And it doesn’t end there. The IRS reportedly sought donor rolls, prinouts of Facebook posts and more from Tea Party and conservative groups.

IRS asked for Facebook posts, book selections, personal thoughts

— Rare (@Rare) May 15, 2013

But remember, the IRS would have you believe its employees weren’t “motivated by political bias.”

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