4 Replies to “Grenada Constitutional Reform – LGBT Rights Proposal”

  1. Bravo to you. It is very brave for you to stand up in face of very evident
    prejudice and present your case so eloquently. I applaud your efforts and
    hope LGBT rights can eventually be won here in Grenada. Many parts of the
    world have seen a lot of momentum in this arena recently but I don’t think
    many people realize the public mentality toward this idea in other parts of
    the world. I’m glad I know about your organization now and look forward to
    seeing this progress.

  2. Throughout history groups of people have been discriminated against by law,
    African heritage and women for example. Yes, don’t forget a time existed
    when it was illegal for an African person to walk freely on the road, or
    illegal for women to vote. Things we take for granted now or are unaware of.
    Groundation, you will be remembered as pioneers, fighting for the rights of
    people oppressed in this time. Same way we reflect now on how absurd and
    wrong it was to deny voting rights, or freedoms back then, future
    generations will look back to this time on how absurd/inhumane/ridiculous
    we are.

  3. Good job guys. Kudos to you for speaking through the ignorance and
    buffoonery in the audience. 

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